Criminal Law

Whether you are suspected of a crime or have been arrested and charged, David and Associates is your first line of defense. With our in-depth expertise about criminal law and our professional and aggressive demeanor, our firm has developed a hard-hitting acumen for zealously defending our clients’ legal rights and obtaining the best possible result on their behalf.

David and Associates is a firm dedicated to providing their clients with skilled and aggressive legal representation in criminal matters with personal service, efficiency, professionalism, and most importantly, the result. Our firm employs former prosecutors who know that to win a criminal defense case that toughness, preparation, perseverance and an intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system will afford our clients the advantage they need when entering the courtroom.

Our attorneys provide our clients with the best opportunity for success as we handle each case specifically in preparation for trial. Our emphasis is placed on the unique set of case management, research skills, negotiation prowess and meticulous trial preparation that can only be realized as former prosecutors. Understanding that not every case will go to trial, the best plea agreements come from a position of strength and systematic analysis of the facts and evidence. At David and Associates, we fully investigate the facts of each case through a distinct and thorough discovery process and illicit the aid of retired police detectives and agents to uncover flaws in the State’s theory of the case.

David and Associates understands the criminal justice system can be daunting and overwhelming, we know individuals accused of a crime are under stress and in a crisis, and these individuals deserve an attorney who will aggressively defend their rights through efficiency, preparation, perseverance, toughness and litigation if required - our skills are your gain.

Our Firm defends clients charged with felony, misdemeanor and juvenile matters including, but not limited to:

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