A violation for a DUI has more implications than merely a traffic citation and court fines. Being arrested for a DUI can result in serious consequences that may include suspension or revocation of your drivers’ license, the negative impact on your job or future career, or worse, being imprisoned. Most individuals arrested for a DUI make split decisions while under significant stress and a misunderstanding of the law. The decision to submit to field sobriety testing or a Breathalyzer test can be the most devastating evidence the police obtain in your case. At David and Associates, we understand this dilemma and we put our legal skills to our client’s advantage.

David and Associates is an experienced and aggressive law firm that practices in the area of DUI and traffic. Our firm employs former prosecutors that have significant trial and negotiation experience and are skilled on the rules and laws tailored with a DUI. We have successfully helped clients negotiate favorable terms, which include reduction of charges, and when required, we have attacked and challenged the charges at trial or hearings, resulting in a dismissal of the case or the suppression of evidence.

A DUI arrest should not to be taken lightly because the violation involves two legal procedures. First, when a client is arrested on a DUI charge, our attorneys will assist in the administrative proceeding, often referred to as a statutory summary hearing, to attempt to reinstate our clients’ drivers’ license. The second procedure involves the criminal charge itself. Our attorneys advise and counsel clients through this tedious process and provide you with the best possible outcome. Whether this is a client’s first DUI arrest or they are a repeat offender, speaking with an attorney at David and Associates is your most important first decision.


Traffic Offenses

A traffic violation, driving without insurance, driving without a license, or underage drinking tickets can have serious consequences on a client’s driving privileges. The age of each client determines the legal implications on their license. David and Associates understands the Illinois Vehicle Code and will help clients successfully obtain the best possible results on their charges.

Our firm handles all types of traffic violations, including, but not limited to:

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