Wills and Trusts

Whether a client is newly married with their first child or recently retired grandparents, David and Associates will help determine the best practical solutions to transfer one’s estate, before and after death, to ensure that the client’s wishes will be distributed in accordance with the client’s exact desires. Our attorneys offer a broad scope of estate planning services, including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. We ensure that each client’s short and long-term plans are tailored with their unique and specific needs in mind. Whether a simple will or a highly complex estate plan, the decision to create a will or trust is essential in avoiding probate, lowering estate taxes, directing the distribution of the client’s property and determining where their children will reside upon their death.

Estate planning will not only protect the client’s possessions from being distributed according to probate laws, it also protects your loved ones. The probate process is a court-supervised procedure designed to sort through the transfer of a person's property at death. Property subject to the probate process is that owned by a person at death, which does not pass to others by designation or ownership. Clients who have a family or have amassed wealth, a home, a business, antiques, heirlooms, investments, and other possessions, it is necessary they specify their wishes to have control over who receives their property and in what proportions as beneficiaries, who will manage their affairs as executor, and who will serve as the Guardian of any minor children.

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